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This will mostly be my art and cosplay and things I think are neat.

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"Don't get strung out by the way I look, don't judge a book by its cover. I'm not much of a man by the light of day, but by night I'm one hell of a lover."

Okay, I decided to do forest nymph makeup with the green contacts because holy shit I look like a fairy in these

Well it’s is the first of August. I am going to be an adult in 18 days.


I would really appreciate if people who happen across my Facebook didn’t add me. That is my personal account, and I don’t even accept requests from people I know in person unless I’ve spoken to them more then 3 times.
Please respect that just because I have other social media sites, doesn’t mean I want all of them to be public.
Thank you

erola120: Can you take a picture of yourself 1. eating ice cream in a cute way then in a sexy way 2. exercise 3. eat a cookie 4. looking shy And 5. Just being yourself

These are oddly specific, and I try to avoid sugar .-. but I guess I can do the ones that don’t involve sweets at some point

ohlee1709: what was the longest amount of time a relationship lasted?

2 and a half years. It was horrible.

I feel like a sexy vampire

~ Venus Red Eye Bright Red lenses~

♥ Review here 

can anyone go and report “Justin_the_dick” on instagram? It’s just another little shit using my pictures and pretending they’re me

theguywiththefaceandmagiceyes: holly hot damn. those contact lenses make your eyes fucking amazing looking!

Thanks! I’m really pleased with them. I was worried since I’d never worn contacts before, that they would bug my eyes a bunch, but they were fine ^.^ I have two more pairs that I will have pictures and reviews for in the next few days! So I hope I also look good with green and purple eyes

~ Venus Red Eye Bright Red lenses~

♥ Review here 

~ Venus Red Eye Bright Red lenses~

♥ Review here 


Meow (=ↀωↀ=)


trans women dont have to be feminine to be ‘valid’
trans men dont have to be masculine to be ‘valid’
nonbinary people dont have to be androgynous to be ‘valid’

I love thrift store clothes

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ohlee1709: How tall are you?

5’ 4”

natt-the-catt: Do you dye your hair or is it naturally that dark?

I honestly don’t know what my natural hair color is… It’s somethin around that shade