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This will mostly be my art and cosplay and things I think are neat.

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"Don't get strung out by the way I look, don't judge a book by its cover. I'm not much of a man by the light of day, but by night I'm one hell of a lover."


I still haven’t done my summer homework

I’m cute and nice and special and deserve to be treated well


I’m feeling way better but still too sick to go anywhere so I put on a butt-ton of makeup

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justanartisticfangirl: May I have your snapchat ^+^?

Sorry, but I don’t give that out to anyone but personal friends or mutual follows anymore ^.^’ I posted it a while back and got some rather inappropriate snaps…


Friend of mine was being dapper, so I decided to do the same.


ayy sorry this is kind of really late

but happy birthday! 

Oh my gosh, this is beyond adorable! Thank you so much

jonghyunsanus: hey spencer!! i remember you saying shinee was your favorite band a little while ago so i was just wondering if you've seen taemin's new music video? and what do you think of it? (personally i love it it's so good oooomfg i love this style for taemin)

Oh man I actually really like it a lot!! I’m listening to the song right now actually xD the dance is awesome too!! Taemin is my least favorite member of shinee (not that I dislike him, I just like the other members better) but I’m super impressed with him with this!
I also really really want the outfit in the part where he’s blonde and in the suit

a-flash-of-balderdash: If someone wants to show you one of their cosplays, or drawings or artwork or poems or anything else, can they just tag it with spencerofspace? It is this bothersome to you?

Yeah that’s fine! I like people tagging me in junk

candorcas: Will you ever post of a video of you speaking?

I have before in the past, but I’m not a big fan of my voice… It’s not something I do often

In regards to my post about not liking being referred to with they/them pronouns, I’d like to add that it was mostly about people on here who are already following me and and don’t use the correct pronouns, despite it being the second thing in my description.
Personally I think its good to use them when you don’t know someones gender or they’ve asked you to use them! If you don’t know, use they/them rather than guessing. It’s good to practice not gendering people.
My post was more meant to be about people thinking it’s okay to use they/them pronouns for me, just because they aren’t “female pronouns”. I have a gender. It’s not neutral. I use he/him. If if you know my pronouns, please use them.


this shit is bananas

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raginganonymously: Is it odd that no matter how hard I try, I /still/ can't see you as female. Please don't be offended. *shrinks in to corner*

Well don’t fucking try cuz I’m not female???